• Jurnal Inovatif Manajemen Pendidikan Islam

    JIMPI: Jurnal Inovatif Manajemen Pendidikan Islam is a Journal of Islamic Education Management which is published regularly every six months (January and July). P-ISSN: 2827-783X, E-ISSN: 2828-1764 which is managed by the Islamic Education Management Study Program, Darullughah Waddawah Waddawah Bangil Pasuruan Islamic Institute. JIMPI Journal as an information medium for publishing scientific works for academics, practitioners and intellectuals from the results of research studies and scientific articles in the fields of:

    1. Islamic Education Management 

    2. Islamic Education Leadership

    3. Islamic School Management

    4. School Supervision and

    5. Education management covering textual investigation and field investigation with the perspective of education, philosophy, history, theology, sociology, anthroplogy, political science related to Islamic Education Management etc.

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  • Al-Batutah: Jurnal Sejarah Padaban Islam

    BATUTHAH (Jurnal Sejarah Peradaban Islam) menerbitkan artikel ilmiah di bidang Pendidikan, Sejarah, Sosial dan Humaniora. BATUTHAH mengundang sivitas akademika untuk mempublikasikan artikel-artikel penelitiannya, khususnya kajian pendidikan, sejarah, sosial dan humaniora yang bertema Islam, misalnya tentang kelompok atau komunitas Islam, minoritas Muslim, budaya dan tradisi, pendidikan, organisasi dan politik, peradaban, warisan dan arsitektur, perubahan sosial, intelektual dan pemikiran, biografi, historiografi, pers dan literasi, serta ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi. Redaksi juga menerima resensi buku untuk diterbitkan di bagian khusus penerbitan. Artikel dapat ditulis untuk dikirimkan dalam bahasa Indonesia. BATUTHAH diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Sejarah Peradaban Islam Institut Agama Islam Darullughah Waddawah Bangil Pasuruan diterbitkan dua kali setahun pada bulan Maret dan September.

  • Adabuna : Jurnal Pemikiran dan Pendidikan

    ADABUNA: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Pendidikan, is a journal published by the Postgraduate Program Institute of Islamic Studies of Darullughah Wadda'wah Bangil Pasuruan, published twice a year, June and December. This journal focuses its scope on educational issues and issues of thinking that are preferred about Islamic Education and Islamic Thought. We invite scientists, scholars, researchers and professionals in the field to publish the results of studies and research results in our journals. This journal publishes high-quality empirical and theoretical research covering all aspects of Education and Thought that are preferred on Islamic Education and Islamic Thought.

  • Al Musyrif: Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Islam

    Al Musyrif : Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Islam adalah jurnal yang berisi isu-isu aktual terkait Bimbingan Konseling Islam yang ditulis oleh para akademisi melalui berbagai tinjauan literatur (penelitian Perpustakaan) atau studi lapangan yang akan diterbitkan dalam bentuk Jurnal Ilmiah. Jurnal Al-Musyrif diterbitkan dua kali setahun (setiap enam bulan, diterbitkan pada bulan Oktober dan April) oleh Program Studi Bimbingan Konseling Islam Fakultas Dakwah Institut Agama Islam Darullughah Wadda’wah Bangil Pasuruan.

  • Lughawiyyat: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Arab

    Lughawiyyāt: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Arab (E-ISSN: 2654-2579; P-ISSN: 2623-2421) published twice a year since 2018 (April and October), is a multilingual (Indonesia, Arabic, and English). This journal is a peer-reviewed open-access journal and follows a double-blind review policy. This journal is published by the Educational Arabic Department, Faculty of Tarbiyah, Institut Agama Islam Darullughah Wadda’wah Bangil Pasuruan. Editors welcome scholars, researchers and practitioners of Arabic language learning around the world to submit scholarly articles to be published through this journal. All articles will be reviewed by experts before accepted for publication. Each author is solely responsible for the content of published articles.


  • al-Rasῑkh: Jurnal Hukum Islam

    Al-Rasῑkh: Jurnal Hukum islam (ISSN: 2089-1857 EISSN: 2580-2755), is a journal published by Institute Agama Islam Darullughah Wadda'wah Bangil Pasuruan. This journal is published twice a year, November and July. Al-Rasikh: Jurnal Hukum Islam is a journal that accommodates several articles either the results of research or the concept of the study of Islamic Law, especially Shari'a Islam. The Islamic Shari'a covers some of the related Shari'a areas such as Law, Judge, and Religious Courts that can be observed from several disciplinary perspectives. It is expected that with the publication of Al-Rasikh journal will add to the repertoire of scholarship about the Study of Islamic Studies, especially The Study of Shari'a.

  • Wasilatuna: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam

    WASILATUNA: Jurnal Komunikasi Penyiaran Islam is a journal that contains actual issues related to Islamic communication, Islamic broadcasting, and Islamic Da'wah through the media, which is produced by academics through various literature reviews, both in the form of conceptual articles and research-based articles that will be published in the form of Scientific Journals. The WASILATUNA journal is published twice a year (every six months, published in April and October) by the Islamic Da'wah Communication and Broadcasting Study Program and the Da'wah Faculty of the Darullughah Wadda'wah Institute of Islamic Religion, Bangil Pasuruan.

  • Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

    JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ISLAM, (p-ISSN: 2581-0065; e-ISSN: 2654-265X) is a journal published by Research Departement (Lemlit) Islamic Institute of Darullughah Wadda’wah Bangil, Pasuruan, posted twice a year on Juli and Nopember. It specializes in Southeast Asian Islamic education and European Islamic education, and is intended to communicate original research and current issues regarding the relationship between these two regions within the Islamic education clan. This journal warmly welcomes contributions from scholars of related disciplines.

    JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ISLAM has become a CrossRef Member since the year 2020. Therefore, all articles published by JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ISLAM will have unique DOI number.